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Textile Ink-Direct to Garment printing

Specially Formulated Direct to Garment Inks
A digital apparel printer’s performance depends heavily on the textile ink used. The quality of ink affects the ink flow, level of printer maintenance, color fidelity and vibrancy as well as print longevity.

JD provides specially formulated, high quality textile inks. Our inks have been carefully calibrated and rigorously tested to work with our patented closed-loop ink delivery system, RIP software and on-board firmware for the highest level of graphic quality and consistent ink flow performance.

Textile Inks have a high optical density to assure vibrant colors that resist fading.

For dark shirts or applications that require white ink, our white inks are the whitest inks available and provide long lasting prints, wash after wash.

  • 100% cotton, cotton blends, specialty paper, general textile and non -textile materials.
  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White Inks.
  • Print on white/light and black/dark garments.
  • Water-based, pigmented inks are safe for people and the environment.

White Ink Technology

One of the challenges of direct to garment printing that InkJD pioneered in solving was a way to run white ink through a delivery system consistently without clogging and destroying it. Direct to garment white inks are based on titanium dioxide (TO2). TO2 is a heavy mineral often found in white paint (titian) and food coloring. It starts to dry immediately when it comes in contact with air.

InkJD recently patented Closed-Loop Ink Delivery System ensures that white ink does not come into contact with air until it is released from the print head. All AnaJet printers utilize this method to mitigate drying and clogging.

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